Picture Framing

Geoff Baylis Photography & Framing offers two main services:
1. Framed Pictures ready to hang in your home or office space
A generic plain white mount with either a white or black frame may look OK in some circumstances, but for an artwork to look its best and provide the impact that you want, it should ideally be framed to complement the environment in which it will hang. All of my pictures can be framed to meet your specific requirements: the overall size, the mount style and colours and, of course, the frame style and colour. I can help you choose the best combination, but also show you how contemporary, innovative, framing techniques can add a 'wow factor' to even the most humble of images.
If you don't see an image on this website that suits your needs, please get in touch using the Contact form as many others are available. Alternatively, if you would like a picture of a particular plant, flower, object, house or person I can photograph it specifically for you for an additional charge.
2. Bespoke Framing of your own artwork or objects
If you have your own artwork or object that you would like framed, I offer a bespoke framing service to meet your requirements for the style of the mount and frame. I can help you choose the best combination to show off your artwork at its best.
Please contact me to arrange a meeting if you live within a reasonable distance of Tiverton, otherwise, if your artwork is a digital image, we can agree how it will look via the telephone and email, but a face to face meeting is always best unless you have a very specific set of requirements in mind.

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